To be honest, we have been putting off publishing a key to the #WayHomePhotos clue campaign as it hits a bit of a sore spot. The campaign was something we were (and still are) really proud of – hitting both goals of digital scalability but also connecting with those year-over-year fans and early purchasers, through the delivery of physical polaroid keepsakes. Combine both of these aspects with the chance to work with photographers that we admire made for a project we were tremendously excited about sharing and watching fans react to.

Unfortunately, there was a leak of an unofficial poster. Something, once happened, was out of our control to contain and took excitement away from the clues.

We wanted to still honor the good work that was done and art that was created by (finally) publishing a clue key… along with a little more.

(disclaimer: since we were dealing in a medium that is not adjustable after created, some of these clues turned out either more obvious or not as obvious as originally designed. Bare with us).


Emily Soto (New York)


“Jillian Rose Banks” is the legal name of artist BANKS. The Rose was in reference to her middle name, the building behind the rose is a New York bank.


The woman peering into fridge in a housecoat is reprensitive of the Illenium song “Sleepwalker”. The letters on the right of the fridge are a world scramble for “Illenium”.


The man dressed in all white is meant to represent Marshmello. The nametag and whiskers, while many assumed point to Deadmau5, are actually in reference to the pet mouse Mashmello has in his Alone video: here. If you were able to identify the purposeful outfit colour choice, it would have lead to Mashmello.


The Drums are originally from Brooklyn, NY – this “drummer” is playing in-front of the Brooklyn bridge. Location is also listed as Brooklyn, NY.


Although faint, there is “2105” written on the back of the letter the woman is holding – with the expression of “Joy” on her face. Vance Joy played at WayHome 2015, and is back again for 2017.

Mitch Brown (Toronto)





While only 1 of the above 4 images was included on the mini-site, there were 10 polaroids taken of each variation, to complete the set of 40. Each variation was a remake of different moments from the iconic shower scene in the Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. The artist Russ has two songs, “Psycho pt. 1” and “Psycho pt 2” – the “Bates Motel” location would also be a Psycho reference.


IXXI is the artist collective that Daniel Caesar is a part of. The drink on the table is a Caesar. In some variations there is a arm seen in frame that has a “Canada” tattoo, which creates an additional layer as Daniel is Canadian and from Toronto. Sneaky Dee’s also being a popular Toronto hangout.


Seeing as the penny is no longer legal tender in Canada and generally would be consider dirty, this clue would be in reference to “The Dirty Nil”, whom also have a song called “Know Your Rodent”.


The gavel would be a representation of Justice, and therefore was in reference to the french duo Justice. Their new single is also called Fire.. so we decided to make a fire and toss the gavel in. In some variations we were able to keep a flame on the gavel and hold it out, which maintains the clue but is a fun alternative view on it.


“Hotel Allan” and “Roadhouse 01” are both titles of Allan Rayman albums – with “Hotel” or “Roadhouse” being highlighted across merch items and other branded elements. The model’s aesthetic, along with remote location (our very own venue, Burl’s Creek), was meant to mirror Allan’s own image.

Pooneh Ghana (Austin)


The two girls dressed identical were a representation of twins, Tegan and Sara. As a second layer a “U-Turn” sign is visible, which is is a name of one of their songs.


1 Hunna would be slang for One Hundred (right?) – which is spelt out in sticks in front of a Bonfire. Bonfire being a single for UK band “The Hunna”.


Charles Bradley has a rich history (according to Wikipedia) – which includes time spent hitch-hiking across the US in his early years as a musician. The scene being representative of a young Bradley, whereas this could have actually be a photo of him years ago as a hitchhiker.  His nickname “Screaming Eagle of Soul” being represented by the Eagle T-Shirt and Rosary around his neck. In his hands is a 1980s album called “Blues That Gave America Soul“.


This one is pretty self explanatory: Royal Blood. There were a number of angles taken of this scene.. all being very cool. It was hard to decide which one to use as the main image. (those that received the alternative images know how great they are)


“The Magician” is a song by Saskatchewan artist, Andy Shauf. Saskatchewan’s flag is the backdrop to the kid’s magic show.

Rick Clifford (Toronto via Brisbane)


All of these movies have (at least) one thing in common, each official soundtrack includes a song by Dashboard Confessional.


That suited dude is looking super bummed amongst a bunch of feel-good partiers. This image is meant to reenact Car Seat Headrest’s video for song ‘Vincent’ – check it out here. Bonus points for the Vincent Van Gogh print in the background. ps. this was a real house party, each photo was pretty great.


Recognize these alphabet chats from elementary ScHool? Or perhaps how the only letter that is a capitol is “H”, with a bucket hat hanging from it. The “q” also has a balaclava. All things pointing to ScHoolboy Q.


Smokin’ & Drinkin’ / Drinkin’ & Smokin’ and the 25 Bucks on the table are all in reference to artist Danny Brown and his two songs by those titles.


Acclaimed throat singer Tanya Tagaq is represented here through the 5 x-ray images of throats. Her place of origin, Nunavut, is also represented here through the Nunavut flag in the middle.

Faith Silva (Los Angeles)


The James Patterson book prominently featuring the name of his mainstay character, “Alex Cross” is visible. When “AN”, pictured on the wall, is added to the end of “Cross” you get the name Alex Crossan, AKA Mura Masa.


That’s a classic looking Ma in front of the Jaguar exhibit at the LA Zoo.
Jagwar Ma!




The pup represents a pup for the band Pup. The flashing of the grills is representative of Pup’s first self-titled album cover. Some versions of this image are of just the pup or just of the guy, with a closer view of the grills. ps. the guy in the photo is from LA band Together Pangea.


“Studio City” is a song by the Darcys, which is both in the image and listed as the location. The band’s on-stage set-up often features palm trees, which are featured here as well.


Although difficult to see in this version of the image, the pill bottle is expired – which you would assume would diminish the effects of the drug, “you don’t get me high anymore”. The directions are displayed with”Take 1″ crossed out and new instruction of “Take 4” – “used to take 1, now it takes 4”. Both elements represent Phantogram lyrics.


Well! There you have. All the answers to our 2017 Clue Campaign.

ps. there are a small handful of polaroids that were returned to us via Canada Post due to an incorrect mailing address – would love to get these out into the hands of fans who would want them. Simply email with subject “Polaroids”, include your mailing address and we’ll send ya one.

***due to such a quick response, and not enough polaroids to fulfil the requests, we are needing to shut this down. those who have reached out will be responded to based on first come/first serve***

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pps. there was a 26th hidden clue on the mini-site which was a secret link to THIS video and represented the band Blossoms. Love this video.