Wake up, WayHomies! We, along with our good friends over at Equinox, have just the thing to help you feel regenerated and renewed after all your late-night shenanigans and early-morning antics at the festival this year. Would you believe us if we told you that it’s caffeine-free?

Every morning, Equinox will be holding refreshing regeneration sessions in the Marketplace! As if that’s not enough, VIP passholders will also have exclusive access to the Regeneration Station in the barn for complimentary massages by the pros at Equinox. Now that’s one heck of a wake-up call.

Saturday: 9:30am-10:15 am & 10:30-11:15 am

Need more convincing to ditch those extra Zs for some R&R? Keep on reading to learn five ways that the Equinox regeneration sessions can benefit you!


1. Lower stress levels
Not sure what stage to hit? Can’t find your shoes? Too many performers, so little time? Keeping track of things at a festival can be a little overwhelming, but a morning regeneration session can help keep you cool, calm and collected all day long.

2. Additional energy
We mentioned that you wouldn’t need coffee, right? Frequent regeneration sessions have both been proven to significantly increase energy levels. Pro-tip: you can use the added energy to run really fast to the front of the barricade for Imagine Dragons’ set.

3. Greater focus
If you’re going to make meaningful and extended eye contact with Frank Ocean, you’re going to have to focus. These morning activities can help you with that. How else are you going to show Frank that you know every word to Blonde?!

If you burn more, you get to eat more. And yes, that 100% means you can devour multiple Blooming Onions with zero shame.

5. Adaptability and flexibility
By mastering the art of relaxation, you’re not only developing your physical flexibility but your mental flexibility, too! People who partake in daily regeneration sessions are more likely to take unexpected changes in stride. Don’t expect the unexpected – just appreciate it!

We’ll see you there!

-WayHome x Equinox