We chatted with Megan, a music lover who attended WayHome last year while being six months pregnant. Now after Megan’s child Benjamin was born, she has decided to bring him to #WayHome2016 so he could experience the magic for himself.
What importance does music have on your life?
My sister and I sang ‘Time After Time’ in the back of my mom’s old car (we later learned she had us to do this so we wouldn’t fight). I was part of Blanc & White, a Toronto-based alt-rock quartet. I dated drummers exclusively. I went crate-digging for hours to build my vinyl collection. I relive my greatest memories every time I listen to a certain song. I spent eons practicing violin, piano, guitar, moog, organ, ukelele, tenori-on. I spent all my hard-earned minimum-wage cash on concert tickets to anyone and everyone playing in Toronto. And now, I sing to my baby every day.
Simply put: music makes life better.
How was your experience last year at WH while being pregnant?
I can’t lie – going into it I was feeling self-conscious about being the pregnant lady at the music festival, expecting disapproving glances and lots of under-the-breath comments from my fellow festival-goers. But, not at all. Like, not one. Instead, the crowds seemed to part like I was [a pregnant] Moses and they were the red sea. Literally, everyone was helpful, friendly and loving. It was so overwhelmingly wonderful and any anxiety I had completely dissolved.
What was your favourite act/moment you had last year at WayHome?
Uh, choosing one is too hard. So, here’s six: That first chord of Neil Young’s set. Pregnant-lady dancing to Django Django. Pregnant-lady dancing at the silent disco. The crowd & stars & Kendrick Lamar. Best festival food ever. Every time it was my turn to use the port-o-potty (pregnancy makes you appreciate the little things, and pee a lot).
Did you camp or stay in a hotel? How was the experience?
Camping was just not an option last year – by month 6 of pregnancy, sleeping on the ground would have been utter torture. Instead, our group of friends found a cheap ‘side-of-the-highway’ inn close to Orillia. And cause I wasn’t drinking, our group had a built in DD every night.
*while hotel packages are sold out (make sure to buy early next year!) there are still RV spaces, which provide a comfier accommodation option. More info here: www.wayhome.com/passes
How are you preparing for #WayHome2016 this year?
We’re going to bring Benjamin (our 10 month old) to this year’s show. As you can imagine, a bit more prep is needed this time ’round. We’ve started compiling things we’ll need: a wagon & canopy, ear defenders, many gallons of sunscreen, etc. I mean, we’re reasonable people, so we’ll figure it out, but it’s definitely taking some time to plan out. We’ve also booked another inexpensive hotel near Barrie rather than camping, but this year I am not volunteering as DD.
Why do you think it’s important to expose children to music festivals at an early age?
For all the same reasons any of us go to music festivals: the experience and I’d like to imprint that positive experience on our little guy as early as possible. Going to a festival is like nothing else, right? It’s seeing your favourite bands and discovering ones you never knew before. It’s meeting amazing people and making life-long memories. It’s spending 3 days romping on the grass in the sunshine. It’s smiling at strangers, singing along, getting muddy, dancing in the rain and laughing, a lot. Music is important to me and I can’t imagine not sharing the experience with my son.
What are you most excited for your child to see at WayHome
Honestly? Everything. He’s a super social kid and being exposed to so many smiling faces, green grass, sunshine and great music will make a positive imprint on him. If not, I’ll be taking loads of pictures to remind him when he’s older!