Trevor is a Toronto based multi-media artist. His main focus is on typography, and the history of public art as seen by people on the street.


What/who inspires you?

My friends Jake Sherman and Cosmo Dean, the internet, traveling, Plastic land, Home Depot, the Broad museum, Richard Serra, going to Indigo, and nature.

Whats your favourite piece of work you’ve done?

The pieces we made for WayHome last year were a big deal for us. The One Night Only piece was complicated install, to have it work as we imagined then have thousands of people walk underneath it was really special for us.

What’s a hint you can give to the WayHomies for what’s to come this year?

We are really excited for this year! We started dreaming up a new project as soon as we left WayHome last year. They can expect the work to be bigger, more colour, and more lush.

What superpower would you have and why?

I’d want to be able to become invisible to make lots of graffiti.