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WayHomies – get hyped! TOPSHOP TOPMAN has something extra special in store for us. 

Sometimes it’s fun to see ourselves a little bit differently. That’s why, this year, TOPSHOP TOPMAN is bringing their unique style and spirit to WayHome Music & Arts with an experience that will challenge everyone to see themselves in a different light. As a sponsor of the festival for the second year in a row, TOPSHOP TOPMAN wanted to introduce an immersive experience that would transport attendees to a unique environment, enabling them to express their creativity.

TOPSHOP TOPMAN has partnered with artists Trevor Wheatley & Cosmo Dean, Kastor & Pollux and Jason Voltaire to create an installation rooted in 2017’s key fashion trends. Four themed rooms have been built to provide inspiring and sharable moments – The ultimate instagram post!

Trevor Wheatley & Cosmo Dean: This duo is best known for their sculptural installations that re-contextualize popular language. Large scale letters made from a range of materials are driven out of the city and placed in surreal natural environments. With Cosmo’s experience in design and contracting and Trevor’s background in set design and studio art, their work has integrated itself into the world of experiential design and permanent public installation.
Website  |  Trevor Instagram  |  Cosmo Instagram

Kastor & Pollux: Kastor & Pollux, a self-described, “female-driven creative agency,” is a collective of individuals who specialize in artful storytelling through digital and experiential mediums. Providing services that range from photography and videography to art direction and set design.
Website  |  Instagram  | Twitter

Jason Voltaire: Going by the pseudonym Martyn Bootyspoon, Jason Voltaire is an electronic music producer from Montréal that has contributed much to Québec’s underground music scene. With hip-hop-infused tracks and an unparalleled visual aesthetic, Voltaire has amassed a cult following on SoundCloud, Instagram and Twitter. This artist’s style is energetic and infectious – making his work an experience like no other.
SoundCloud  |  Instagram  | Twitter

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Experience something new this year, WayHomies. Experience you.

See you soon!