tl;dr: Hidden Video Playist


After months of work & waiting we were thrilled to finally premiere the 2016 Short Film at WayHome: Rewind and later that evening digitally. Much like the inaugural year, WayHome 2016 exceeded all expectations and the Short Film perfectly encapsulated the emotional and visceral experience of being on-site.

Early on in the ideation of the Short Film concept we were always committed to producing a Film that didn’t look like a typical “After Movie”. One particular distinction was not having to adhere to an “optimal length” but make it long as it needed to be to capture what we felt was the complete experience & emotion of WayHome. However, even with this goal in mind, there was still so much incredible footage & captured moments that didn’t fit perfectly in the Short Film.

Based on this realization, six Easter Egg videos were hidden on our website. These could be found through completing the blank on “”, which was referenced in the Short Film announcement email (sign-up to say in the Loop, here) & in the YouTube description of the Short Film.

Reddit was the first to take the lead on this discovery, but the overall WayHome community eventually found 4/6 videos.

All six videos, clues & descriptions can be found below.


Easter Egg 01 /// “I Feel You”



This dance sequence was filmed post-ArtWalk under the WayBold tent. Working with the lighting tech for this stage we were able to have the beautiful spotlights in the background while Kathia Wittenborn danced to Time Moves Slow – BadBadNotGood feat. Sam Harring. With a boombox (John Cusack style) playing the song, Kathia was able to do her thing, properly syncing the song in post-production. The second portion of the film was short on an vintage VHS recorder, capturing a variety of performances and moments in raw way.

“I Feel You” from the Trevor Wheatley & Cosmo Dean installation completed the URL: – the first video.


Easter Egg Video 02 /// “Exit Only”



This video features Matisse from Keys n Krates performing on one of the pianos in the Artist Forest backstage. He was a willing candidate to the last minute idea to make use of this beautiful space and the talented artists we have on site. We were able to sneak in a 10 minutes timeframe just after their soundcheck on the WayBright stage.

Extra: photo of Matisse just after he performed on the piano – here.
Photo courtesy of Lucia Remedios.

“Exit Only” signage on the Farris Wheel completed the URL: – the second video.


Easter Egg Video 03 /// “signdatboi”



The hilarious antics of Mac DeMarco should never go unseen. From the guitar noodling to the city shoutouts, it’s an all around good time. A lot of this being shot on the vintage VHS recorder and edited in the style of the Short Film.

“Sign Dat Boi” was printed on one of the many totems found at WayHome, and completed the URL: – the third video.


Easter Egg Video 04 /// “steven”



This Egg would have been without a doubt the toughest to discover – which it never was. The clue above showing a tattoo in Mandarin characters on the forearm of the Farris Wheel operator, which translates into “Steven”.

An initial idea for the Film was to highlight the beauty of the Oro-Medonte community, and through this initiative footage was captured of outside the grounds of Burls Creek. Ultimately, it didn’t fit correctly into the Short Film. However, the intensive and cinematic beauty of this scene had to be shared. The sounds of the drums was captured by one of the interactive activations – so what you hear is being produced by WayHome fans.

“Steven” in Mandarin found on the forearm of the Farris Wheel operator completed the URL: – the fourth video.


Easter Egg Video 05 /// “getschwifty”



“Faces of WayHome” has been a pillar of the brand since the inception. The idea being to showcase and celebrate the community of people that make WayHome so special – this video being an extension of this idea. There is a (recently added to) photo album, here, that shows some more Faces – check it out and tag your WayHomies!

“Get Schwifty” was also printed on one of the many totems found at WayHome, which completed the URL: – the fifth video.


Easter Egg Videos 06 /// “bryant8”



The final video is made up an entirely drone footage with stunning views of the Oro-Medonte greenery + farmlands along with rarely seen perspectives of the festival site. The fireworks during Arcade Fire are captured in such a spectacular way and the final scene with the balloon is reminiscent of the “Plastic Bag Scene” from American Beauty.

“Bryant 8” was seen on the back of a Kobe Bryant jersey wore at WayHome – completing the URL: – the sixth and final hidden video.